Member companies of the Consortium

Gruppo Finlinea

The Finlinea Group stems from the historical experience of the Capponi Group, which, since 1876, has consolidated its presence on national and international markets as a distinguised textile manufacturer.

The Finlinea Group has always been characterized by its attentive focus on the indications stemming from the market. The diversification of its production choices is its response to the questions it has encountered over the last few years in four fundamental areas: TEXTILE FURNISHINGS, WELLNESS, SPORT AND HEALTH, and FASHION.

SG Engineering srl

DF Medica One srl

Since its foundation, the multinational Df Medica has focused its activities on innovation and research, applying the analysis and experimentation of new technologies to health and well-being via the intergration of DNA sequencing into solutions.

To this end, Df Medica has prioritsed a continual investment in research in its molecular biology laboratory to respond to questions related to a new quality of life in terms of prevention and lifestyles.

Currently, the activities of the aesthetic division of DF Medica are focused on the following sectors:

  • Aesthetic anti-aging: DNA analysis can indicate who and to what extent each person is genetically exposed to the damage induced by free radicals and which and how many antioxidants are necessary to combat oxidative stress and delay the effects of aging.
  • Nutrigenetics: Beauty and well-being are closely linked to our diet and DNA analysis permits intervening in this field too. In fact, the study of individual genetic variability offers an innovative tool in choosing the most correct food program to follow to both lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Sport: Those who practice sports at an amateur or professional level and fitness enthusiasts can improve their performance as well as their silhouette with personalized training programs and food choices based on their genetic profile.


SCENT COMPANY SRL is now a new shareholder in the Sanniotech Consortium. Scent Company was founded in 2005 from experience gained in the fashion world, where it is customary to combine prestigious fashion brands with refined collections of masculine and feminine fragrances. Scent Company’s activities are oriented toward the hotel sector and luxury retail, a sector constantly striving for excellence in all the interaction phases with its clientele: the hospitality offered, the stay, purchases, and loyalty. Their first step was the search for exclusive and personalized fragrances to create atmospheres and emotions that are indelibly imprinted in one’s memory and indissolubly linked to spaces and environments. Contemporarily, the need arose to develop systems capable of guaranteeing a constant and controlled aromatization. A highly qualified team evaluates the ventilation systems and proposes the most appropriate emission systems and the optimal intensities to guarantee a constant fragrance over time. In this regard, the Sanniotech Consortium is equipped with an advanced laboratory of natural essences.

Centro Delta s.r.l.

Centro Delta s.r.l. was founded in 1981 and operates in the field of research and development in biology carried out by qualified subjects; its registered office is located within the municipality of Apollosa (BN). The technical staff consists of: chemists, biologists, laboratory technicians, and professional nurses.The services offered consist in analyses, carried out in conditions of maximum security and in a short space of time, in order to provide patients with a complete and detailed report of the requested diagnostic services.

Tecno progetti SRLS

Architecture Services.

Consorzio Campale Stabile

The Campale Stabile Consortium (CCS) was founded on 9th August 2000 with the aim of coordinating and executing all the operations required to solve the ecological problems of small, medium and large sized companies specialized in waste management (collection, transport, valorization, disposal). It is a consortium of several companies, in order to acquire competitiveness, in a market reknown for being monopolised by larger companies. Member companies are located in all the provinces of the Campania Region, and offer services on a regional as well as a national level.

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