ICTP – CNR (Napoli)

The ICTP – CNR, Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers of the National Research Council is based in Pozzuoli (Naples) and has a section located in Catania. The research activities of the ICTP are conducted via a series of ordinary research projects and numerous collaborations with both the academic and manufacturing sectors; moreover they are carried out via an organizational model based on research groups and support laboratories. The research groups are spontaneous aggregations of researchers and technicians on specific projects and are essentially dynamic structures. The laboratories are instead, stable structures housing the most important scientific equipment of the ICTP. They perform an essential function of scientific and technical support and connection, permitting all research operators to use, in an optimal way, the instrumental resources of the Institute.


L.U.P.T., founded in 1976 by the Experimental Laboratory of the Department of Architecture, under the direction of Prof. Raffaele d'Ambrosio, is an Interdepartmental Research Center established by the "Federico II", University of Naples. The Center has an interdisciplinary nature and cooperates organically with important public and private partners. The Center is divided into Research Areas, Study Centers, Strategic Value Structures and Technical Bodies for the performance of service activities. The Center, moreover, based on the number of professors involved, its technical-administrative staff, its instrumental equipment, its budget and its assigned area, is historically the largest and most complex of the research centers of the Federico II University as well as one of the major public research facilities operating at a national and European level.


The University of the Sannio is an Italian university, based in Benevento. Established in the year 1998, it numbers circa 10,000 students. The university has 3 departments: the Departments of Law, Economics, and Management and Quantitative Methods.


The University of Molise is an Italian state university located in Campobasso with peripheral branches in Isernia, Termoli and Pesche.


The University of Catania, founded in 1434, is the oldest university in Sicily, the thirteenth in Italy and the twenty-ninth in the world. It is one of the largest Italian universities based on the number of students enrolled in its faculties.

Tecno Bios

Tecno Bios s.r.l. was founded in 1989 with the aim of providing a consultancy service to companies. Its registered office is located in Benevento while its operational headquarters are located in the municipality of Apollosa (BN). It offers advice on work safety (Legislative Decree 81/08), the environment (Legislative Decree No. 22 dated 05/02/1997), hygiene (industrial and environmental), quality (UNI EN ISO 9000, UNI EN ISO 14001, European EMAS regulation), design (environmental impact assessment plans, law 494/96), industrial analysis, chemical-clinical analysis (occupational medicine), assistance activities and business consultancy via the deployment of innovative techniques. The services offered range from surveys and inspections in the company to technical elaborations on a design basis; the organization and teaching of training courses - information – and updating.

Sannio biotech Srl

The Sannio Biotech innovative start-up was founded in 2014. Research and experimental development in the field of biotechnology is its mission.

Tecno Ambiente s.r.l.

Tecno Ambiente s.r.l. was founded in 1997 and operates in the field of sustainable environmental development. Its registered office is located in the municipality of Benevento. The company is an environmental research center. In particular, its research activities are focused on:

  • applications for environment protection and the decontamination of contaminated soils;
  • industrial research in the environmental sector with a particular focus on land reclamation/decontamination offering solutions based on the most modern technologies. The application fields are the reclamation/decontamination of both civil and industrial environments.

Genus Biotech srls

Genus Biotech is a center of highly specialized genetic analysis that operates in the field of molecular diagnostics. A spin off of the University of the Sannio, Genus Biotech is part of a network of Universities, analysis laboratories and clinical and research institutes, both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to collaborations with scientific partners of high prestige, both national and international, Genus Biotech participates in multidisciplinary research projects with the aim of implementing innovative technologies applied to genetic and molecular diagnostics.

SAPA s.r.l.

SAPA srl has its registered office in Caserta. The company's main commercial activities are:

  • the production of plastic manufactured articles, both on its own and on behalf of third parties;
  • mold constructions;
  • the working and transformation of plastic materials, the transformation of metal in general;
  • electroplating treatments for metallic and plastic products;
  • the planning, organization and erogation of professional training courses for economic operators;
  • management control;
  • the study, design and development of company layouts as well as logistics and materials management;
  • warehouse management for goods handling;
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machinery, equipment and electrical, water, thermal and fire protection systems.

FB Health

FB Health was founded with a specific and focused mission: research, development and commercialization of innovative molecules for the prevention and treatment of diseases in the Neurological and Geriatric field, with particular attention to elderly patients and the mechanisms of aging.

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