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The Sannio Tech Consortium, together with its associated companies, formulates innovative research models, and offers technical assistance and consultancy, transferable to its service system as well as to the network of companies that call upon its services.

Thanks to the services offered, the Sannio Tech Consortium is considered one of the most excellent technological companies in Central and Southern Italy and has been nominated to become a certified incubator under the “Salva Italia” Decree.

Via its scientific research and technological innovation activities, Sannio Tech internalises corporate relationships via the development of information and communication technologies.

Indeed, the Consortium, together with its associates, is:

  • a research center of the Ministry of University and Scientific Research;
  • a research center registered in the National Research Register;
  • an accredited center of the European Commission for the realization of service contracts in the Biological Sciences sector;
  • an accredited Center of the Committee of the Regions - Consultative Works Directorate for service provision contracts.

There are numerous innovative start-ups currently hosted in the Consortium.

Know How & Operating Areas

Nutraceuticals from Bench to Market

Sannio Tech and its affiliated companies of the Biotech sector are engaged in research projects and activities in the nutraceutical field, where significant results have already been reported, and products launched on the market.


Areas of expertise and activities related to Nutraceuticals:

  • the characterization and development of nutraceutical substances of natural origin
  • the evaluation in in vitro experimental models of biological activities of bioactive compounds
  • the clinical evaluation of the studied nutraceuticals based on the EFSA guidelines and good clinical practice (GCP)
  • the promotion of the development of national and regional nutraceuticals.


Environmental Monitoring

The Sannio Tech Consortium has acquired a high degree of know-how in the analysis of environmental components. This knowledge enables the company to perform a wide range of analyses in the field of environmental matrices for the purpose of the required environmental impact studies necessary for the realisation of construction projects.

Sannio Tech, together with its member companies, has acquired over the years vast experience that has led to the realisation of environmental impact studies for important construction projects, among which: the Sassari Olbia and Salerno Reggio Calabria roadworks for ANAS Spa, deputed to the construction and maintenance of Italian motorways and state highways. Furthermore, as part of these studies, a Territorial Information System (SIT), a web-based software for the sharing and diffusion of the data collected during the survey, was developed for ANAS, Spa.

Environmental analysis: sampling, analysis, monitoring and consultancy

The Environmental Laboratory performs a very wide range of tests that vary depending on the matrix subjected to analysis and the purpose of the test.

emissions into the atmosphere and releases into the environment

Surface, groundwater, drinking water and waste water
Soil and subsoil
Industrial and urban waste
Compost and biological sludge

Chemical Section
Volatile Organic Compounds:
Aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons,
halogenated hydrocarbons in general and aliphatic compounds,
organic solvents (alcohols, esters, etc.)
Semivolatile Organic Compounds:
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH),
polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), polychlorinated triphenyls (PCT),
plicloronaftalenes (PCN), organ
chlorinated and phosphorated pesticides, phenols, aromatic amines,
nitroderivatives, phthalates, chloroparaffins,
polychlorophenols (PCP) and organic compounds
stannians (TBT) etc.
Metals and metal organic compounds
Macro components
Specialist studies of speciation of chemical compounds for reclamation and analysis of Risk

Biological Section
Thermotolerant coliforms (Fecal coliforms),
Escherichia coli, Enterococci (Fecal Streptococci),
Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella,
Legionella etc.
Ecotoxicological tests on water, sediments and chemicals:
Daphnia magna (Cladocero), Raphidocelis
subcapitata (unicellular green algae), Vibrio
fischeri (bioluminescent bacterium), Lepidium
sativum (watercress) etc.
Biochemical screening
Biotic Index

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02Il Marchio Europeo di Qualità EQN certifica la qualità dei principi attivi funzionali delle preparazioni nutraceutiche.



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