The Sannio Tech Consortium, together with its member companies, formulates innovative research models, and offers technical assistance and consultancy services, transferable to its service system as well as to the network of companies that call upon its services.

Via its scientific research and technological innovation activities, Sannio Tech internalises corporate relationships via the development of information and communication technologies.

Indeed, the Consortium, together with its associates, is:

  • a research center of the Ministry of University and Scientific Research;
  • a research center registered in the National Research Register;
  • an accredited center of the European Commission for the realization of service contracts in the Biological Sciences sector; a certified incubator;
  • an accredited Center of the Committee of the Regions - Consultative Works Directorate for service provision contracts.

    The Sannio Tech Consortium is a private research organization, affiliated with many universities  and the Italian National Research Council (CNR). In addition to carrying out industrial research, the Consortium acts as a link between the academic world and businesses.


  • Clinical activity

    The Sannio Tech consortium conducts clinical studies on the efficacy and safety of the treatment of various food supplements.


  • Incubator

    The mission of the Consortium is to generate added value for its associates. And thus, Sannio Tech also carries out technological incubator activities for innovative start-ups.

  • Patents

    The commitment to research and development of a wide range of innovative and highly scientific food supplements dedicated to human health are patented, or are the subject of a patent application, an indicator of the advanced research work within the Consortium.

Consortium Members & International Institutes

  • L.U.P.T. - Laboratorio di Urbanistica e Pianificazione Territoriale

  • UniSannio

  • UniMol

  • UniCT

  • IBP - CNR

  • UNIFOR - University of Fortaleza Fortaleza, Brazil

  • University of Warsaw Warsaw, Poland

  • Universidad Austral do Chile Valdivia, Chile

  • Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand

    Comunicati e Rassegna stampa

    CONSORZIO SANNIO TECH  Sede Operativa: S.S. Appia km 7- Zona Pip
    82030  APOLLOSA (BN)  P.IVA: 01352970626
    tel +39 0824 1810689 fax +39 0824 364660

    Sede Legale Via C. Beccaria, 28  82100  BENEVENTO

    Iscritto alla Camera di Commercio di Benevento nella Sezione Speciale in qualita' di

    02Il Marchio Europeo di Qualità EQN certifica la qualità dei principi attivi funzionali delle preparazioni nutraceutiche.



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